2013 Holy Week – Monday

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A progressive Christian Easter Reflection

In his preaching points for Monday of Holy Week, John Shearman notes

 “Throughout Holy Week our attention is focused on what we call “vicarious sacrifice.” One might well characterize this approach to life as “compassionate care,” but it must be carried out in actions, not abstract words….Jesus personified this sacrificial love in the way he lived and died.”

Lent has, at least in my part of the world, been a mostly Roman Catholic tradition and even in those circles it’s mostly fallen out of fashion. Or at best it’s become a superficial practice of giving up chocolate or dessert or something equally inconsequential.

In any case, the Gospel writers don’t depict Jesus as giving up anything. In fact, in the excerpt from John used today a dinner is held for Jesus, at which Lazarus’ sister Mary lavishes Jesus with a bunch of expensive perfume.

John’s author has Jesus refer to Mary’s generous act as “preparing him for burial” but the overall tone of the story is one of celebration; of community, and family, and relationship.

As we approach the pivotal event in Christianity, instead to giving up some minor luxury in our lives, perhaps we could take a bit of time to reflect on the mutuality – the agapé relationship – that encompasses us and all things.

Let’s take fifteen minutes each day this week to meditate/reflect/pray.

As you go through the day today, make an extra effort to be conscious of the people you meet, and how you interact with them.

At the end of the day, choose one of those interactions.

Set aside fifteen minutes to recall that interaction in as much detail as you can.

Choose one thing, large or small, to celebrate.

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