ALL Together Now

Path in Arburetum Volcji Potok - whit glod cro...

Path in Arburetum Volcji Potok – whit glod crop law (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See, I am going to bring them from the land of the north, and gather them from the farthest parts of the earth, among them the blind and the lame, those with child and those in labour, together; a great company, they shall return here.Jeremiah 31:8

Jeremiah was talking about the physical gathering of the scattered people of Israel. For us today, the story has a metaphorical value. We’re all “scattered” on our personal spiritual journeys. We all feel at times as though life has pushed us in directions we didn’t want to go, by forces we were helpless to oppose.

Faith – our inseverable connection to Theos/God – reassures us that no matter how difficult or indirect our path may be, we are always immersed in God. We are never “lost” because there is no way in which we can be separated.

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