Choices (Photo credit: emilio labrador)

… [we have] a continuing hope and a commission to carry on the ministry of God’s love for the world so fully expressed in Jesus Christ.

How each person fulfills that commission is to be realized in the choices and priorities one makes in the myriad human relationships which engage one’s energies day by day.

The Day of the Lord envisioned by the prophets of Israel and the eschatological passages of the NT is always here and now. - John Shearman

Amen John. Amen.



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  • Paul Harvie

    This information about choices hit me really hard. I was struggling with a major decision. In making my final decision I had a great answer to prayers. People were praying for me to make the right decision. I had to make a drecision on wehether to stop dialysis or cintinue. I was struggling with issues of the quality of life. I knew thre the consequences of stopping dialysis, yet I made the choice to continue with dialysis.

    I was praying hard and many werte praying with me and for me as well. I now feel I made the right choice.

    Paul Harvbie